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The HoldSLR is American Made

Proud to be 100% Made in the USA

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All photos Courtesy of Nature Photo Store.com

The fastest, most convenient SLR camera carrier you’ve ever seen.

HoldSLR ImagesThe HoldSLR is a patent pending collapsible SLR camera holder. It hangs on your belt, on your back pack chest strap or on the waist strap of you fanny pack. The camera lens hangs down into the boot and the body rests on the coated wire frame holder. It's secure and safe and the most convenient way to carry your camera you have ever seen - I invented the HoldSLR because I use it. After 10 years of searching for a easy, secure way to carry my cameras when I was out taking pictures I finally gave up on the bags and started building prototypes.

HoldSLR on the chestThe HoldSLR is the result of hundreds of miles of hiking, biking, riding and running through twelve prototypes. I released the product at the NANPA show in Albuquerque in February and the response has been great. I take nature photos but there are sports, portrait, wedding and recreation photographers using the HoldSLR to make their lives easier and their photography better. If you are tired of the camera straps and the bags then you should try the HoldSLR.

Here are a couple of testimonials from folks just like you that have already bought one:

"I recently purchased the HoldSLR collapsible boot at this years NANPA Summit. What a great accessory! Using the HoldSLR on a chest strap made hiking to position with the tripod over my shoulder and the second camera readily accessible on my chest, a perfect setup."
David Becker - Findings Studio

HoldSLR on the Belt"Whether you’re a field photographer, landscape photographer, event photographer, photojournalist, or even a wedding photographer, you’ll find this product totally rocks!! Kelly doesn’t pay me a dime to write all this. So, you know it’s from the heart and what I’m saying is my honest opinion."
Terry Chan Photo Blog