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The fastest, most convenient SLR camera carrier you’ve ever seen.

The HoldSLR has been in development for over 10 years. It is based on real life experience in the field, photographing some of the most beautiful places in this great country of ours. If you take pictures with an SLR body camera - either film or digital - then you know the challenges of getting to the good places with all that gear and still being ready for the fleeting shot.

No matter what kind of bag you use to carry your camera, having your camera ready when you need it and lugging all that gear are almost always in conflict. Whether you are hiking a fourteener in the Rockies or just chasing the kids around the zoo - your camera is going to get heavy in your hand or around your neck. So you put the camera away in your latest quick-access bag and it still seems like you still miss a lot of shots. Sometimes you don’t even bother taking your camera out of the bag because it’s so in-convenient. That's why we invented the HoldSLR.

The HoldSLR keeps your camera at the ready by hanging from the chest strap of your backpack or at your side hung from your belt. The unique design fits securely into the groove between the name plate and lens mount of your SLR. That means you can leave your tripod quick release shoe and your hot shoe attachments in place. That's another important advantage of being in the field with the HoldSLR - you can easily manage two camera bodies. You'll never have to place your expensive camera on the ground again - from home to field and back your cameras will now be safe and handy.

The collapsible boot not only protects your lens from bumps and bruises, it also keeps your lens from extending all the way out while you are walking, climbing, ducking and jumping. That’s better for your lens and your hands are free to use – to get through the brush, or hold your daughter’s popsicle. Whether you wear the HoldSLR on your chest strap or belt, all of the controls on your SLR will be easily accessible. That’s really nice to make sure you double check those settings as the weather, lighting and conditions change - before you need to take the shot.

The HoldSLR isn't just a good idea - it's what we use to carry our SLR cameras wherever we go. We developed and tested the HoldSLR in the field over literally hundreds of miles of tough terrain and urban jungles both on foot and on motorized vehicles. The design you see is as simple as it can be while being strong enough for even your long lenses and pro SLR bodies. Check out the 20 lbs test (see “About”) we performed to make sure the HoldSLR would handle even your largest, heaviest gear. With all that strength, the HoldSLR itself is incredibly lightweight, weighing less than 11 ounces with the boot attached. That’s important because you may want to use two HoldSLR’s at the same time – one on the chest strap and the other on your belt. That way you can work with two camera bodies set up with different lenses. The light weight design also makes the HoldSLR comfortable for women and men.

Perhaps the most important feature of the HoldSLR is its convenience. If you say the name quickly it sounds like “holster” and that tells volumes about how fast it is to get your camera ready for that next great shot. We’ve even run some fun quick-draw tests against other bags and devices to back up our claims about being the fastest carriers you’ve ever seen - the HoldSLR wins them all! And at the end of the day, when you pack up to go home, the HoldSLR collapses down to a very small and convenient unit that will easily fit into most any pocket or gear bag.

So whether you need to ride an ATV into the back country, hike miles through heavy brush and rocks, or just walk the sidewalks of a big city, you will appreciate the safety, security and convenience of the HoldSLR. In every setting we have used the HoldSLR we have had people just like you ask us where we got it and where they could get theirs. So order yours today and get out there to get those great shots. With the HoldSLR you'll have a lot more fun and miss a lot less shots.